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Child Booster Seats

More Recaro Start Pictures

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Here are some more pictures on Toby in the Recaro Start. These were taken in a 1997 Volvo 850 GLT. They show how the shoulder and lap belt are postioned in this booster. The more I use the Recaro, the more I like it. It isn't the easiest of boosters to use because the lock-offs make too difficult for Toby to buckle himself in, but I have to buckle him in the Britax Wizard in my car, so this really isn't much of an issue with me. He can unbuckle himself.

The Recaro postions the shoulder belt nicely on his shoulder.

This picture shows how the shoulder and lap belt are positioned.

Pictured below is the Recaro Start with the impact cushion. This shield is currently only available in Germany and is NOT approved for use in the US. I wonder if it will even be an option in the US because it is for use for children between 9kg and 18kg (approx 20 lbs and 40 lbs) which is the EC ratings for this seat. In the US the Recaro Start is only rated for children from 30 lbs (approx 15 kg) and should be used for children from 3 years upwards. The impact cushion is made completely of EPS foam, the type of foam used in bike helmets. For those familiar with the Britax Laptop, the Recaro impact cushion is almost idential but it fits inside the Recaro Start. The seat belt routes in the same way as the Laptop, so the child doesn't actually have the harness on their body. According to Recaro, the impact cushion, "is an additional safety feature for children in weight class ECE I (9kg to 18 kg) and ensures optimal energy distribution in a crash situation. Selective impact of the highly sensitive stomach and chest area is thus prevented. The energy-absorbing material significantly reduces the force of an impact...".

The Recaro Start with body cushion.

Toby in the Recaro Start with the body cushion.
This item is NOT approved and is not available in the US.

The Recaro body shield gives the child plenty of sleep support

Toby is now just about 40 lbs so is too heavy to use the Recaro body shield now. He is around 45 to 46 inchest tall and is all legs, so I recently bought the Recaro foot rest to help with the dangly legs. It is simple to install and like the Recaro booster seat itself, it is highly adjustable.

Toby in using the Recaro with foot rest.

I recently decided to move Sasha into the Recaro Start because she has been having difficulty with the lock-offs on the Britax Bodyguard. Also, now she is getting taller and her legs longer, I am finding the seat on the Britax boosters are getting too short in depth for her to be truly comfortable. The Recaro has the great feature of an adjustable seat and the optional foot rest makes it much for comfortable for older/taller children. No more dead and dangly legs!

Sasha in the Recaro Start.

The Start can be adjusted to fit perfectly, and the footrest makes i comfy for big kids.

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