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Child Booster Seats

Cosco Protek

The Cosco Protek booster is relatively new Cosco booster. It has a resonably high back and the padding isn't too bad! The booster is definitely at the lower end and is not the most sturdy of car seats. If budget is a major consideration then the Protek would be a good economical seat.

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Toby, 37 lbs and about 45", fits reasonably well in this booster he is at the third height adjustment. The seat of the Protek is quite narrow so, it might not be the best choice for a stocky child.

Toby in the Cosco Protek booster

Sasha is now around 49 lbs and 48.5 inches tall and fits the Protek on the 5th out of 7 settings. When the back of the Protek is fully extended it is very flimsy.

Sasha in the Cosco Protek

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