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Child Booster Seats

A gaggle of boosters. Recaro Start, Graco Turbo Booster, Komfort Kruiser and Bodyguard.

Cosco Protek, Compass B500 and Britax Starriser/Comfy

The Britax Parkway in Bubbly Fun and the Britax Bodyguard in Pretty Paisley

Matching Recaros. Tthe Young Sport and the Young Style in Bright Sand.

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Here are some photos of Sasha, 6 years, 45 lbs and 47 inches tall and Toby, almost 4 and 32 lbs and 41 inches in a selection of booster seats we own.

This page shows them in the Recaro Start and Graco's Turbo Booster. The Recaro Start is rated for children 30 lbs to 80 lbs and 37 inches to 59 inches. The Graco Turbo Booster is rated for 30 lbs to 100 lbs and 38 inches to 57 inches. Both children are within the limits of the seats. Although Toby does ride in the Recaro, best practice is for children under 40 lbs to be restrained in a harnessed car seat until 40 lbs. Toby still rides rear facing in a Britax Wizard most of the time.

Toby as he usually rides in a car, rear facing in a Britax Wizard.

Since I started this webpage, Toby has hit 34lbs, so at 47 months old I turned him forward facing.

Sasha in her Bodyguard in early Fall 2003.

This is Toby in a Recaro Start. He rides in this car seat in DH's car. It is hard to see in this picture but the Recaro has the added head rest for better sleep support and improved side impact protection.


Here is Sasha in the Recaro Start. The Recaro has lock-offs for the seat belt and can be adjusted by height, shoulder width and seat length. The Recaro is in recline mode here because it is used by Toby and helps him to stay in position while sleeping. If I used it for Sasha I would have it in the upright position. The seat would also need to be lengthened for to Sasha to use it.


Toby is sitting in a Graco Turbo Booster in the Liberty fabric. It is on the second lowest setting which is probably a tad too high for him. The lowest setting was too low. This is the older version.


And Sasha in the same boost adjusted higher. Maybe not quite high enough though?


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